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How Infrared Lenses Work?

Infrared lenses are divided into contact lenses and sunglass lenses, Infrared contact lenses, also named marked cards contact lenses, are processed with high quality normal contact lenses. Different kind of infrared contact lenses will offer you different effect. Infrared contacts offer you guaranteed quality and good effect which can see the clear invisible ink marks on the marked cards.
Sunglass lenses is fashionable sunglasses with the function of reading hidden backside secret invisible luminous ink marks. Actually, it is poker sunglasses cheating with marked deck of cards which are glasses that can see invisible ink or glasses that can see through playing cards.

How Infrared Lenses Work?
The principle of invisible ink marked cards and infrared contact lenses is based on the light spectrum


Infrared Lenses, also known as playing card reader eye lens, can detect the back marks of each marked playing card. How? As we all know, there are some lights like IR or UV in the spectrum our human eyes can’t see. Take advantage of theses lights and our technicians process a wearable filter can read that IR and UV marked cards. That is how Infrared Lenses work.
If you wear the infrared contact lenses, what can you see in your eyes? Firstly, in your vision luminous ink back number and suit can be seen very clearly. Moreover, the opponents and the surrounding also can be seen clearly as much as possible. Importantly, keeping your original eyes’ color will be guaranteed even you wear these poker contact lenses. All in all, no one can detect your contact lenses in your eyes. See, the security are shown in this aspect.

Sunglasses for poker work the same as contact lenses, Both of them are the best tool to read the marked poker cards. The poker cheating glasses are better for those who are not used to wearing contacts.

glasses that can see through playing cards

These photos are what you see on the invisible ink marked cards when you put on the Infrared Lenses.