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How Does Poker Analyzer Work?

Now you know the existence of excellent poker analyzer. But do you know how it works? Let me introduce some key points to you.

First, poker hand analyzer needs to work with barcode marked cards. If you prepare invisible ink marked cards for infrared contact lenses, the system can’t get any information from the cards. All the information is hidden in barcode of poker cards. And the system in analyzer is specialized in decoding it and figures out who is the winner every round.

Second, you need to choose what gambling you play later and finish the necessary setting. Most settings will be completed by us. But you still need to set up frequently-changed information, like players amount, video selection and voice mode etc. If some player join or leave during the game, you can use the controller to increase or decrease the players numbers.

Third, you can use local camera or external scanning camera to scan the cards. If you can’t put phone on the table, you can use hidden button camera. We have variety of cameras for choice. Then you can put your phone in your pocket. If you want to use local camera to scan the cards, you need to make sure that the cards are within the scanning distance (25-45cm).

Last, you will get who is the winner from invisible headphones after the analyzer scans marked cards deck. If you are worried about that other players can also get your results from earpieces, video poker hand analyzer will have time mode to show the results. Or you can also buy an analyzer vibrator to show you who is the winner by vibration frequency.