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Poker scanning camera play an important role as an important part of the poker analyzer system. Do you know what can be used as poker camera? Now I will give you a detailed introduction to the poker scanner.

The poker scanning camera is a special kind of scanning lens that is different from the ordinary scanning lens and has a special function that can be used for poker game cheating.

Poker Camera

How can poker scanner camera be used for poker cheating?

One type of marked cards are barcode marked poker cards, the poker cheat card scanner is used to scan the barcode marked playing cards, which needs work with poker card analyzer, barcode marked cards and bluetooth cheating earphone together. After the poker camera scans the barcode of marked cards, It will send the information to the poker analyzer device, the poker analyser will decode the information and tells the winners directly, you can hear the result from bluetooth cheating earphone.

What can be a poker scanner camera?

Many stuff can be as poker scanner camera, such as: car key, lighter, cell phone, power bank, leather belt, watch, water bottle, wallet, music speaker, clock, lamp, chip tray, cards shuffler machine, electronic cigarette, ashtray and so on. The things that you can take into the poker room, most of them can be installed a poker camera inside them.

Besides, we have all types of poker card scanner: long distance camera and short distance camera. You can according to your requirement to choose the suitable scanning distance playing card scanner. The short distance camera can be 4-10 cm, 8-15 cm, 15-25 cm, 20-30 cm, 20-40 cm, 30-60 cm, 40-70 cm and 70-100 cm and so on. The long distance camera can be 1-2 m, 1.5-2.5 m, 2-3 m, 2.5-3.5 m, 3-4 m, 4-5 m and so on. The short distance camera can be lighter, car key, cell phone, power bank, chip tray, watch and wallet and so on. the long distance camera can be music speaker, clock, lamp, surveillance camera, emergency light and so on. We also can customize the special cheating cards device, you just need tell us your special requirement.