Marked Cards Contact Lenses To See Invisible Ink Marked Cards


Product Information

  • Price: 139.00$
  • Material: HEMA, Polymacon
  • Life Span: More than one year
  • Package: 2pcs/box
  • Water Content: 100%
  • Application: Invisible ink playing cards, Poker games, Gambling
  • Processed Method: UV/IR Ink
  • Size & Color: Customized
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Marked cards contact lenses refer to special lenses that are able to see invisible ink marks on cards. These infrared contacts, also known as speical infrared contact lenses, are amazing and make the perfect partners for our marked playing cards.

These contact lenses will allow you to see the bottom marks of our processed marking cards very clearly. Our marked cards contact lenses are able to see all invisble ink marks on playing cards. These can sometimes be luminous bright marks or dark juice marks that are not visible to naked eyes.

The eye color distribution in humans varies depending on where they live and what their population is. Blue eyes are more common in Western Europe than in Spanish. Nevertheless, American eyes are overwhelmingly either British or Frenchman-colored. Sometimes we ask our customers about their eye color and where they came from. Before our customers place an order, we need to make sure that they know which contact lenses will be best for their eyes.

learn more about invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards

Contact lenses for dark brown eyes are able to see marked cards well. However, they may not be the best for light eyes as they could make light eyes appear darker than their native colors. It is important to get professional contact lenses for poker with marked cards. The best marked cards contact lenses are for people who desire to see clearly. Professional infrared contact lens can be a great option for people with very dark eyes who want to play poker safely and conveniently.

Invisible contact lenses are used to mark playing cards. They have a similar lifespan to regular contact lenses. The longer lasting contact lenses are usually more expensive than the less costly ones. However, regardless of your origin, no matter your eye color, you will find the right poker contact lenses here for you!

4 reviews for Marked Cards Contact Lenses To See Invisible Ink Marked Cards

  1. Tinie (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  2. Leah (verified owner)


  3. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  4. Mabelle (verified owner)

    High quali

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