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The marked cards contact lenses is a powerful tool for reading invisible ink playing cards, and it is easy to operate. Choosing an effective marked cards contact lenses will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Uv marker are fluorescent but transparent and the markers are only visible under UV light. How can we see invisible uv marker if there are uv marked cards on the back? Thanks to modern technology, we can see invisible ink uv marker with the help of marked cards contact lenses.

There is no difference between ordinary contact lenses and invisible ink pen contact lenses when worn. We offer UV invisible ink contact lenses in different sizes. You can choose what suits you.

Marked cards contact lenses are a useful tool for cheating at poker games.

What are the benefits of invisible contact lenses for cheating playing cards?

It has no frame to block your view. Marked cards contact lenses won’t get in your way when playing tricks or card games. It is not easy to be found by others and will not conflict with clothing. Marked cards contact lenses are generally unaffected by weather conditions and do not fog up in cold weather like glasses. It is more convenient than glasses.

Marked poker cards contact lenses are magician’s artifact

Do you want to know why magicians can always perform magic tricks so perfectly? When magicians perform tricks, they usually mix a deck of cards with marks. He then asks the audience to come up on stage to choose a card, and he will help the magician instantly read the invisible uv blacklight ink marker while the eye lenses of the card reader are working.

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