Poker Cheat Cards Invisible Ink Contact Lenses


Product Information

  • Price: 109.00$
  • Material: HEMA
  • Life Span: More Than A Year
  • Package: 2pcs/box
  • Water Content: 100%
  • Application: Casino, Poker Club And Private Poker Game
  • Processed Method: UV/IR Ink
  • Size & Color: Customized
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Poker Cheat Cards Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

How To See Invisible Ink?

There is a way to see invisible ink. Depending on the type and application of ink, there are many ways to see invisible ink. Some invisible inks, for example, are not visible to the naked eye but can still be seen if viewed under a UV or blacklight.

To view Invisible ink markings on marking cards, other invisible inks might require a chemical reaction such as a developer solution. Special invisible ink contact lenses can detect invisible light and view it.

Invisible ink contact lense are special lenses that allow you to see playing cards with invisible ink marks at the back. These lenses are also known as infrared contacts lenses.

For magic tricks and poker cheating, a pair of high-quality ink contact lenses can be very useful. These high-quality contacts lenses will not cause any eye irritation and can be used with all brands of UV marked card.

Contact lenses can also be worn directly to the eyes. We will provide professional instruction to show you how to store and wear them.

Poker Cheat Cards Contact Lenses Are Safer

To see marked cards, poker cheat cards invisible ink contact lenses can be used widely. It is commonly known as marked cards contact lenses. Infrared contact lenses offer more safety than infrared sunglasses. However, if someone asks you to borrow your contact lenses, it can be very dangerous.

In casino, poker club and private poker game to protect yourself, it is important to have omnipotent contacts lenses. You can find suitable infrared contacts lenses that suit different sizes and colors of eyes at very affordable prices.

Contact lenses for different customers can be customized with invisible ink contact lenses if you have unique eyes.

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    Good but expensive

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    No problems.

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