Marked Cards Glasses To Detect Invisible Ink Playing Cards

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  • Material: Glass, Polarized
  • Application: Poker Games
  • Application: Reading invisible ink markings / Casino Cheating
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Marked Cards Glasses To Detect Invisible Ink Playing Cards

Do you want to be able to read invisible ink marks on your marked cards? You might be interested in our marked cards glasses.

Most people don’t realize that the juice on the marked poker decks is so invisible that it’s impossible to see through them with your naked eye. What is the secret to seeing the ink markings? Let me answer your question. Multifunctional marking cards can be seen with our poker glasses. High quality marked cards glasses can not only protect you from the sun but can also be used to poker card reader to see a deck of playing cards though.

Our marked cards sunglasses look just like normal sunglasses. You can make special poker glasses from different brands of glasses.

The marked card glasses can be removed at any moment, unlike the infrared contacts lenses. The luminous ink glasses allow magicians and poker players to identify the secret numbers and suits of the invisible ink poker decks from faraway. Here are the top reasons to choose quality glasses. They are less likely to be touched by your eyes which can lead to irritation or an eye infection. Contact lenses can exacerbate dry eyes or sensitive eyes. Glasses won’t make it worse. Your eyes are fine without glasses.

How do you play poker tricks? Use a marked cards glasses kit. You can easily read your cards and those of your friends when you play poker. The strategy is up to you. With our marked cards sunglasses, I’m sure you will be the greatest winner among your friends.


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