Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Card Gambling Glasses

Product Information

  • Size: Regular
  • Style: Simple and Fashionable
  • Material: Glass, Polarized
  • Application: Poker Gambling
  • Application: Reading invisible ink markings & Casino Cheating
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To detect the luminous marks in invisible ink poker cheat card, gambling glasses are a common device. The invisible ink used to create the luminous marks on cards has been made so that we cannot see them directly with our naked eyes.

Both contact lenses and infrared glasses can detect invisible marks. Contact lenses may not be suitable for everyone and aren’t always available. Contact lenses are not recommended for everyone. The lenses cannot be placed near fire places like barbecues. Gambling infrared glasses can be helpful at this time.
Users don’t have to be concerned about glasses burning in their eyes.

Invisible ink sunglasses are fashionable and can be used to make you look cool. They are not easily noticed by other players as they look just like regular glasses. The glasses can be worn to many poker gambling events. The special gambling glasses can also increase your chances of winning in poker gambling. Because they cannot see through normal playing cards, infrared sunglasses must be used with invisible ink marked cards.

You only need one deck of poker cards and two gambling glasses to play poker gambling. The glasses allow you to see the cards of other players in advance and make better decisions.

invisible ink poker cheat card gambling glasses

4 reviews for Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Card Gambling Glasses

  1. Vivian (verified owner)

    Powerful performance

  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Good but expensive

  3. Ike (verified owner)


  4. Juluis (verified owner)

    Exquisite appearance.

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