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How Cheating Poker Cards Work

How Cheating Poker Cards Work?

Cheating in poker is a widespread practice that has been around for decades. With the rise of technology, cheating has become more sophisticated and harder to detect. One of the most popular ways to cheat in poker is through the use of cheating poker cards. Cheating poker cards are specially designed decks that allow the […]

High End Devices That You Can Use With Marked Poker Cards

High End Devices That You Can Use With Cheating Poker Cards

Cheating poker cards can be marked cards that have invisible or infrared inks. These cards will help you win more games with your friends. These marked cards don’t work by themselves. High tech devices with infrared or cameras would be a better choice to identify which cards are in your hand. You can now choose from many marked cards. Here are […]

Important Information About Marked Playing Card

Important Information About Marked Playing Card

Marking of cards is a way used to alternate the poker cards. This is the best way since the user can only recognize the marks. Magicians can only use these marked cards when the marking process is done. These cards can also be used for cheating when playing cards games. These marks are used in […]

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