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Important Information About Marked Playing Card

Important Information About Marked Playing Card

Marking of cards is a way used to alternate the poker cards. This is the best way since the user can only recognize the marks. Magicians can only use these marked cards when the marking process is done. These cards can also be used for cheating when playing cards games. These marks are used in distinguishing between different cards, and they are always on the backside. This is the main feature that makes the use of the marked playing card effective. Card bending is the typical way of marking the cards because it allows you to include the marks by crimping.

The first marked cards were crimped, bent. When a cheater realized that the mark on the card could be used effectively, they started changing the designs. Inks and pigments were the primary materials used in changing the designs. The removal and addition of the patterns found on the back of the playing cards are also common in making the cards. Different card marking methods were invented with time, such as scrollwork, tinting, block out, and cutout work. With the improvement in science and technology, card marking practices have become more common. Today, a shade technique is commonly used in card marking than other techniques. The process is important in cheating card games.

Below are the most commonly used cards in the current days:

Luminous marked playing card
According to the research, many gamblers and magicians are using this type because of some additional advantages. Reading of the card can be straightforward by using contact lenses and other relevant sunglasses. Initially, green inks were used in making the back of cards in red colors. In this case, a magician or a gambler will use red-colored lenses to do the reading. A new luminous technology introduced today known as Ultra-Luminous works better and makes the card not to be detected. You can visit sites like to know some of the similar cards.

Video Luminous cheating cards poker.
These cards have a big difference from the first-mentioned card. The mark on this card will not be seen wearing any other sunglasses but a customized one. Note that these cards cannot be seen directly but will be shown on the other screen being operated by your partner. The partner will always read the value of the card and will give you the information. Video luminous marketed playing cards are predominantly used for magic tricks. The most important thing to know about the card is that they cannot be read with naked eyes.

Cheating poker cards
This card is also used among the commonly used cards today. The features of the card also don’t allow you to do the reading with naked eyes. In this case, you need to practice card reading. With enough experience with the card, you can win any poker game or complete a successful magic trick.

Note that there are types of marked playing cards that can be used that have not been mentioned above. Most of the examples have been provided on websites such as that can also give the best experience. An important fact that must not be forgotten is where to find the best-marked playing cards.

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