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High End Devices That You Can Use With Cheating Poker Cards

High End Devices That You Can Use With Marked Poker Cards

Cheating poker cards can be marked cards that have invisible or infrared inks. These cards will help you win more games with your friends. These marked cards don’t work by themselves. High tech devices with infrared or cameras would be a better choice to identify which cards are in your hand. You can now choose from many marked cards. Here are some must have gadgets that you should keep with you.

Smart Button Scanner

The scanner uses an auto sensor smart button to detect marked cards that have specialized barcodes. It looks so real you can fasten it to your jacket, coats, or shirts. The button looks so normal that no one would suspect that it is hiding a scanner under your clothing. Smart button scanners are the most discreet and safest way to cheat.

Alt: Invisible ink playing cards with markings

CigLighter Scanning Camera

Smokers know that the purpose of a cigarette lighter is to light a flame. This is a lighter scanner camera that can assist you in poker games. The cig lighter comes with an HD camera, a lithium battery, and a transmitter. This scanner captures the barcode to transmit it to your poker analyzer.

Car Key Scanner Spy Camera

You can play Omaha, Blackjack, Rummy and Texas Hold’em with the car key scanner. To turn the car key scanner on, press the button and place it close to the barcode of the marked card. The system will scan the barcode and send the data to your poker analyzer. The system will analyze the data and send you the report in 0.3 seconds. You will be able to see who won the game through your earpiece.

Watch the Cheating Scanner

This simple camera scanner, which looks like a wristwatch, can read barcodes on marked poker cards. It is great to disguise the cheating camera by wearing it while playing. It will not be noticed as it looks like a watch. Connect the wristwatch scanner and the poker analyzer to your earpiece. You can then detect the barcode, and predict who will win the game. It is compatible with any existing poker analyzer.

Power Bank Camera

These days, power banks are vital. You should always have a power bank in your bag. This device, like the others, has a built in camera that scans barcodes from marked cards.

You will have a better time playing poker with your friends now that you know what devices you need to win. What are you waiting to do? You can choose the best poker cheating device, but you should also ensure that you have high quality cards.

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