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How Cheating Poker Cards Work?

How Cheating Poker Cards Work

Cheating in poker is a widespread practice that has been around for decades. With the rise of technology, cheating has become more sophisticated and harder to detect. One of the most popular ways to cheat in poker is through the use of cheating poker cards.

Cheating poker cards are specially designed decks that allow the cheater to manipulate the game to their advantage. These decks are often used in conjunction with other cheating devices, such as marked cards or invisible ink. In this article, we will explore the various types of cheating poker cards and how they work.

Types of Cheating Poker Cards

There are several types of cheating poker cards that are commonly used by cheaters. These include:

  1. Marked Cards: Marked cards are cards that have been altered in some way to make them easily identifiable. This can be done by adding small marks or scratches to the back of the card or by using invisible ink that can only be seen with a special device.
  2. Strippers: Strippers are cards that have been shaved slightly on one or more edges. This allows the cheater to identify the card by feel and manipulate the deck to their advantage.
  3. Blockers: Blockers are cards that have been altered to make them easier to identify. This can be done by adding small bumps or ridges to the card, making it easy to recognize by feel.
  4. Cooler Decks: Cooler decks are decks that have been stacked in a way that gives the cheater an unfair advantage. This can be done by arranging the cards in a certain order or by using cards that have been prearranged to form specific hands.

How Cheating Poker Cards Work

Cheating poker cards work by allowing the cheater to identify certain cards in the deck. This can be done through visual cues, such as marks or scratches on the back of the card, or by feel, such as with stripped or blocked cards. Once the cheater has identified the card, they can then manipulate the deck to their advantage.

For example, if a cheater has identified an ace of spades as a marked card, they can easily track the card through the deck and use it to their advantage. They can also use other cheating devices, such as invisible ink or a special device that can read marked cards, to further increase their advantage.

Detecting Cheating Poker Cards

Detecting cheating poker cards can be difficult, but there are several methods that can be used to identify them. These include:

  1. UV Light: Many cheating poker cards are marked with invisible ink that can only be seen under UV light. By shining a UV light on the cards, you can easily identify any markings.
  2. Card Bending: Cheating poker cards are often stiffer and more rigid than regular cards. By bending the cards, you can identify any irregularities or alterations.
  3. Water Test: Cheating poker cards often have a coating that makes them water-resistant. By placing the cards in water, you can identify any cards that are not water-resistant and may have been altered.


Cheating poker cards are a popular tool used by cheaters to gain an unfair advantage in the game of poker. These cards can be difficult to detect and can provide a significant advantage to the cheater. However, with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to identify these cards and prevent cheating in poker games.

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