Power Bank Playing Cards Scanner For Invisible Barcode Decks

Poker cards with analyzer system is a set of poker cheating device that can help you increase the winning odds in casino game, especially in Texas Holdem, Omaha and baccarat.

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Power bank scanner works with an analyzer system, such as a special smart phone, but poker cards scanner can be any subject you want, like a car key, a wrist watch, a power bank, or a wallet scanner, etc.

How does the power bank poker cards scanner works with analyzer system?

It’s a normal power bank from it’s out-look and you can use it to charge your cell phone as well. Inside it, there is a mini scanning camera, a signal transmitter. When the scanner read the unseen cards marking printed on the poker cards, the signal transmitter will send code to the poker analyzer, and after one second to analyze the code, the poker analyzer will send a voice message to micro-headphone, telling you your opponent’s cards and the best hand cards.

One of the most advantages of power bank scanner is that it can read a moving deck in a very fast speed. And the second advantage of this scanner is that it’s a long-range scanning distance scanner. Its scanning distance is 40-70cm, 70-100cm. Power bank scanner is perfect if you are play in a 10 players poker table.

Poker Analyzer Power Bank
Poker Analyzer Power Bank

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