Accurate T-Shirt Button Camera For Barcode Marked Cards

T-shirt button camera just works as a camera so it doesn’t have the system to figure out the information it gets from barcode marked decks. It still needs the help of video poker analyzer. Only with this devices, can you know who is the winner. Poker analyzer also has camera to scan cards, but you can’t put anything on the table sometimes. At this moment, T-shirt button camera is very helpful.

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T-shirt button camera is a cheat scanning lens, which can help you to win in playing poker cards. If you have ever known poker analyzer, then you must realize how important a good playing card scanner.

spy camera t shirt with wide dynamic are very popular among a great number of poker players because of its Safety and high concealment.

When we wear the T-shirt with button camera near a gambling table, the scanner camera will scan invisible ink barcode marking cards decks and transmit the data to the poker analyzer device. The scanning distance of T-shirt button camera is 30-60cm.

In addition, you don’t need to worry that you will be detected by others, because the button camera is installed in our clothes, the quite common objects in our daily life, which captured lesser attention by other people. In casino, poker players often mention the safety means more bonus. Our hidden camera t shirt functions just like real regular clothes. It is removable. Therefore, it is really very convenient for you to use. You can wash your T-shirt as usual, the only thing you need to do is to take off the playing card scanner device.

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4 reviews for Accurate T-Shirt Button Camera For Barcode Marked Cards

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    best of all

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    perfect match

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    Good but expensive

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