Long Distance Clock Poker Scanner Concealed Camera for Gambling Cheating

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  • Scanner carrier: Clock
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  • Marked Cards Type: Barcode Playing Cards
  • Application: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack……
  • Can Be Matched To Any Model of Poker Analyzer

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In the world of professional poker, gaining an edge while maintaining discretion is paramount. The clock poker scanner concealed camera offers a revolutionary advantage by being both invisible and effective. This advanced device is tailored for environments where traditional poker analyzers cannot be openly used on the gaming table.

Solving Placement Challenges with the Clock Poker Scanner

Casinos and private game hosts often grapple with the challenge of deploying poker analyzers discreetly. The clock poker scanner serves as a superior solution by being mountable on a wall, away from the poker table, thus eliminating any direct association with the game itself. This strategic placement significantly minimizes suspicion among players and preserves the integrity of the game.

Advanced Technology Behind the Clock Poker Scanner

The clock poker scanner utilizes high-end technology designed to scan barcode on card markings efficiently from a distance. Capable of scanning up to 3 meters away, it ensures comprehensive coverage of the play area. For users with specific range requirements, the device can be customized to extend its capabilities, ensuring it meets any scenario without compromise.

Enhanced Scanning Distance and Customization

The customizable feature of the clock poker scanner allows for an adjustable scanning range that can be tailored to the user’s needs. Whether the scanner is set for the standard 3 meters or extended further, it remains highly effective and undetectable. This flexibility is crucial for professional environments where the distance between the scanner and the cards may vary.

Strategic and Discreet Installation

Mounted on the wall, the clock poker scanner offers a tactical advantage by remaining out of sight. This installation ensures that the device does not need to be placed on the poker table, thereby reducing the risk of detection. Despite its discreet placement, the scanner maintains its efficiency, accurately reading the barcode on the marked deck and facilitating seamless poker hand analysis.

The clock poker scanner concealed camera is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about maintaining a competitive edge in poker. With its advanced technology, customizable range, and strategic placement, it provides a significant advantage while upholding the utmost discretion.


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