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Super-Sized Casinos In The Far East

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Not so long ago, if you wanted to go to the world’s biggest casinos, there was no question about where your destination should be. That place would be Las Vegas, the original Sin City, from the early 1930s when the state of Nevada first legalized gambling, had the biggest casinos on the planet, A wide range of casino supplies from the most complete casino supply store.

Today, though, it’s a different story. If you go to Las Vegas, you’ll still get some of the most spectacular casinos like the Bellagio, the original Venetian Casino and Caesar’s Palace, and the Wynn Encore but in terms of size, they’ve been pushed down the list; especially when compared with the new gambling centre of the world – Macau. The former Portuguese colony is now a part of China, and is home to three of the world’s biggest casinos – the Venetian Macau, the Casino Porte and City of Dreams.

Take a look at this interesting list to find out some facts about the top five largest casinos in the world. The Venetian Macau is the world’s biggest casino by size – with a floor space of 546,000 square feet. As well as over 3,000 slots and 870 table games, the Venetian Macau offers its customers duplicate Venetian palazzi and canals, which you can also take gondola rides on. There are 3,000 hotel rooms and when you’ve had your fill of gambling, three huge shopping areas full of luxury boutiques are available for you to spend your money away from the gaming tables.

The Casino Porte is not only the world’s fourth biggest casino, but it also has some history attached to it. It’s located in the historic centre of Macau which is World Heritage-listed and many people visit Casino Porte not only to play casino, but also simply to admire this landmark building that features architectural design from both China and Portugal.

Macau’s final entry on the world’s biggest casino list is the City of Dreams, which is close by to the Venetian Macau. There’s an air of exclusivity about the 420,000 square feet City of Dreams as it’s marketed for singles and couples only; no kids to distract you from concentrating at the blackjack or craps tables! As well as 500 gaming tables, there are 1500 slots and video poker machines, but there’s plenty of other entertainment laid on at the City of Dreams away from the gaming areas.

Of course, whichever casino you go to, they all offer their customers a similar variety of casino classics to play, such as poker, blackjack, slots and roulette. In fact, today many recreational casino players don’t even leave their homes to play their favorite casino games as they’re all available online. But, there’s something about the glitz and glamour of land-based casinos that just can’t be replicated online, and it’s probably the increase in online players wanting to practice their casino playing skills in a land-based casino that is fueling the growth of mega casino resorts in places like Macau. It’s unlikely that the casinos mentioned above will remain the biggest for long – there’s always another casino development underway somewhere!

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