Poker Cheating Glasses For Marked Deck Tricks

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  • Price: 38$
  • Size: Regular
  • Style: Fashion, Modern, Classic
  • Material: Glass, Polarized
  • Application: Poker Gambling
  • Application: Reading invisible ink markings & Magical Shows
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Poker Cheating Glasses For Marked Deck Tricks

These poker cheating glasses are used to detect invisible ink marks on marked deck. The glasses also have good concealment, similar to infrared contact lens. The glasses look just like ordinary sunglasses. The glasses are not cheating devices, so they won’t even notice. The glasses have a good ability to read marks even from a distance. This cheating device is easy to use and players can win at poker gambling without much practice.

For marked playing cards, poker cheating glasses can be purchased. They are made with invisible ink and have a back that is translucent. The marks are usually composed of numbers and suits. The marks can be seen when wearing special glasses. The marks can be seen even when the poker cards face down. This can allow players to know which cards they are before they play. It is common to wear cheating glasses in casino. To prevent opponents from reading their micro expressions, players will wear sunglasses when gambling. Professional players can read the micro expressions of their opponents to determine if they have a good or bad hand. Our invisible ink poker glasses allow players to conceal their facial expressions and detect the ink marks on poker cards.
Our company stocks many styles of sunglasses, including fashion, modern, classic and so forth. We offer custom service. We also accept custom orders.

Poker Cheating Glasses Effect

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