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Learn More About Invisible Ink Contact Lenses And Marked Cards

learn more about invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards

Infrared contacts lenses can be used as a gambling tool for cards, and as an invisible ink for playing card games. These lenses can be used to hide luminescent ink markings and have the functional concept of infrared optics. You can see the concealed card marking at the back of poker cards, or any tailored markings when you wear them. However, naked eyes cannot see them.

Contact Lenses to High-Security Poker Cheating

Infrared contact lenses can be purchased in different sizes to suit the needs of most people’s eyes. We will choose the best one for you based on the color of your eyes. The contacts for cheating cards have a red filter that covers your pupil. However, your original color is mostly retained by your eyes. Although they see you as your normal eye color, your eyes see tiny red and pink ink marks on the backs of the marked cards. We call these invisible ink contacts lenses. If you have the right invisible ink contact lens, you can quickly win the game.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses that can be viewed through marked cards

The marked decks appear like regular playing cards but without the use of invisible ink contact lenses. However, on the backs of Texas Hold’em poker cards you cannot see anything. This is why poker players often use the best quality hidden ink contact lenses. You not only can’t see the numbers on your cards clearly if you have low-quality glasses but also you waste your time and money.

Your collection of marked cards can determine how much you win. You can search online for the lowest priced marked cards! You should always follow these tips when choosing a marked deck. The best luminous ink suppliers can issue large quantities of signed playing card, infrared contact lens, and marked sunglasses that will help you identify card markings. Online card shops might offer poker analyzer devices such as invisible ink barcode cards, play card scanner, and iPhone poker analyzer. You will see cards marked with invisible ink contact lens if you choose cards marked with them. You can see poker rankings before you start playing cards if you use a poker analyzer.

There are many marked cards available today. You can select the marked cards that you need and any other devices that play cards, depending on your situation. The most well-known items are the labeled contact lenses and luminous branded cards. You can easily purchase marked cards by visiting our website for specialist marked cards. When you’re not at the poker tables, it is important to choose the best-marked cards. Many marked card factories have a long history of providing excellent services and high-quality magic poker equipment.

Buy poker infrared contacts lenses and marked cards online at for the best quality. You deserve the best.

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