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Poker Scanning Camera And Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Poker Scanning Camera And Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Poker scanning camera can be disguised using technology similar in appearance to magic tricks. The back of the image has the camera lens embedded. It looks just like any other playing cards when you look at it from the front.To scan an image, the camera lens must be placed in front of a card. Camera […]

Professional Card Players How To Win Tricks

Professional Card Players “How To Win” Tricks

Many card players enjoy playing cards. You can play with a friend or perform magic tricks. Or, you can just sit around the table and enjoy a serious or casual game of poker. No matter what your passion for cards, it is likely that you also enjoy winning. Maybe you’re tired of losing in a […]

learn more about invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards

Learn More About Invisible Ink Contact Lenses And Marked Cards

Infrared contacts lenses can be used as a gambling tool for cards, and as an invisible ink for playing card games. These lenses can be used to hide luminescent ink markings and have the functional concept of infrared optics. You can see the concealed card marking at the back of poker cards, or any tailored […]

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