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Why do poker players wear sunglasses?

Why do poker players wear sunglasses? That is because they can see through playing cards with thesunglasses. However, you should know about what are invisible ink glasses poker at first, if you want to know why the sunglasses can see through the poker cards.

Invisible ink for playing cards are began from the traditional card marking. It’s a process of altering playing cards in a system only apparent to marker or conspirator, similar as by bending or adding visible marks to a card. This allows different styles for card sharps to cheat or may be used for magic tricks. But these marks are visible to naked eyes; both your opponent and you can see the infidelity marks. Also, people set up that the marks made by uv ink will vanish after it gets dried. And ultimately, there came the ultramodern invisible ink pronounced sundeck.

Why does the uv ink marks vanish?

Scientifically, visible light is the part of the electromagnetic diapason that the mortal eye can perceive. The wavelength of electromagnetic swells that the average mortal eye can perceive is between 400 and 760 nm. Electromagnetic swells with different wavelengths beget different colors in the mortal eye, similar as red, orange, unheroic, green, blue, and grandiloquent. But the ir light and the uv light, the wavelength they reflect aren’t in the visible range. So, in fact, the mark of uv light isn’t fading but just the mortal naked eyes can not see it. At this condition, we need some tools to help us to see the unnoticeable marks, similar glasses that see invisible ink.

What kind of tools can help us to read the invisible ink marks?

Take the sunglasses as illustration. From the outlook, marked poker cards glasses are no difference from the normal sunglasses. The most popular model is the fashionable flier style. As for the effect, it’s the same with the normal one, but once you see the playing card marking, you’ll know how amazing this sunglasses is.

poker sunglasses

What are the advantages of the poker sunglasses?

Of course, there’s other tool, similar as contact lenses to read the invisible ink marks. But compare with it, poker sunglasses are more easy and accessible to use. For the people who have noway use contact lenses ahead, it’s hard and delicate to put them on; feel uncomfortable after wearing them; and indeed some of people are antipathetic to communicate lenses. But for the sunglasses, there is no limited in wearing time( the contact lenses are bear to lower than 8 hours a day); you can take it off as any time you want; you do not need to keep it on the special vessel; and it isn’t easier to be damaged.

Honestly speaking, poker sunglasses not only can help you descry the uv ink pronounced sundeck, avoiding being cheated in home game, similar as texas holdem, omaha, and blackjack, but also can help you playing magic tricks with your family, enjoying the happy time with them. What’s further, glasses that see through cards are affordable. This is worth a pass.

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