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What is Marked Deck of Cards?

What is a Marked Deck of Cards

A marked deck is a playing card deck that contains secret markings on the back of each card, that allow you to identify the value and suit on the other side.

Magicians and mentalists sometimes use marked decks in their tricks, but it is important to choose a good one that won’t be discovered by your spectators. The ideal marked deck should be easy to read, and disguise the markings sufficiently so that they won’t stand out too much.

What is a marked deck?

A marked deck of cards is a special card deck which features markings on the back of each card. These markings allow you to read a card’s suit, value and other information even though the card is face down.

This is a great tool for magicians, because it opens up possibilities that you wouldn’t normally have. It also gives you a safety net, so that if you do make a mistake in your magic routine you’ll be able to correct it on the fly.

Marked decks are also useful for gamblers, because they can prevent collusion in games. However, purists might be suspicious of this method and consider it a form of cheating.

It should be easy to read

When choosing a deck of cards, many magicians prefer marked decks with markings that are easy to read. This means that they don’t have to spend a lot of time staring at the backs to find out which cards are pips and which ones are number cards.

A marked deck is also ideal if the markings are large enough that they’re visible to a spectator, but not too obvious. This is especially important if you’re using a marked deck in your routine, because you want your audience to be able to catch glimpses of the markings at opportune moments.

This is especially true if the markings are located on all four corners of the deck rather than just two. That way you can make use of techniques that help you to quickly and easily read the markings without making your spectator suspect that the deck is a marked one. This helps to keep your spectators’ attention on the magic instead of on the drab, uninteresting markings.

It should disguise the markings sufficiently

The deck of cards above all else should be functional, but it should also look good to behold. It should have a design that is eye catching enough to be seen from across the room and should be crafted from a high-grade material. It should also be as sturdy as a rock so that it can stand up to the wear and tear of countless card tricks over time.

The best deck of cards will also boast a list of reputable manufacturers that will provide you with a slew of freebies including a free marked card box, a free signed certificate of authenticity and a selection of free goodies. In addition, there are several online resources available to help you find the best deck of cards for your budget and tastes. The best thing about these websites is that they are totally free and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home or on the go with the aid of an app on your smartphone.

It should be safe to use

If you are going to use a marked deck, you need to ensure that it is safe. This means that you should avoid leaving your deck of cards lying around in a shoebox or a pocket.

This is a very bad idea, as this can lead to the deck becoming worn and damaged. It can also come into contact with dirt, which could cause the deck to be dog-eared.

There are ways to protect your deck of cards without sacrificing its appearance, and it’s not as hard as you might think!

One of the best ways to protect your deck is to purchase a deck protector. These are available in many different styles, and can be useful if you are going to be taking your deck with you while you are out and about.

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