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Upcoming Event of World Poker Tour

Many people know that baccarat, Texas hold ’em and other board games can be played in casinos, but do you know that real professional players will really participate in the game?

World Poker Tour, Las Vegas As a famous gambling city, WPT was founded in the United States, and the scale and prize money of this event are increasing sharply every year.


This article will bring you the latest event news about the WPT.

Main Event Dates:
November 17 – 21, 2022

WPT Prime Taiwan Main Event is eligible for WPT Player of the Year race with $30,000 in Prizes.

The World Poker Tour was very fortunate to be able to hold it’s first event in Taiwan in December 2020, open only to players in Taiwan due to Covid restrictions at that time. Taiwanese players came out in force for a very respectable 526 Main Event field. Our great partners CTP, who are highly regarded for their professional running of poker events, can’t wait to host the next WPT event to an international field.

WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh highly recommends players combine poker with seeing some of the magnificent sights of Taiwan. Danny extensively travelled around Taiwan post the December 2020 event and will be releasing a series of articles about Travel in Taiwan in the months leading up to the event.

All players at WPT events are solely responsible for retrieving their winnings from the host casino or poker room and the payment of any taxes or fees on such winnings requested by the host casino or poker room. Any question or dispute regarding winnings at a WPT event should be brought up directly with the host casino or poker room, which has sole responsibility therefore.


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