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The Science Behind Poker Cheating Glasses Revealed

In poker, cheating devices and methods have evolved over time, ranging from marked cards to hidden cameras and communication devices. Cheating glasses could potentially refer to devices designed to help players read marked cards or gain an advantage in some way. Here are some general methods that have been used for cheating in poker: If […]

Copag Marked Playing Cards

Copag Marked Playing Cards

Today, Copag playing cards can be found across the five continents and in the largest and most famous casinos and world championships. So more and more people are looking for the Copag marked cards.There are some secret on the marked copag cards. But you cannot see anything on the cards through your naked eyes. Only […]

How to Get Better at Poker 6 Effective Tips

How to Get Better at Poker: 6 Effective Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to get better at poker? If yes, you should check out some of our best tips by clicking here. There are few feelings as crushing as realizing that you’ve just lost a hand at poker. Whether you’re having to fold after betting big, or you were just unlucky […]

How do you cheat at marked playing cards

How do you cheat at marked playing cards?

Now many people earn their living by gambling. They want to win all the time in poker games, so they begin to consider how to cheat at marked playing cards gambling. With the development of technology, cheating tricks are also upgrading. In past, people had no poker hand analysis to help them. They mainly used […]

Get infrared contact lenses to cheat in poker games

Get infrared contact lenses to cheat in poker games

Poker games are one of the toughest games to play. A player has to think a lot in the game have to use their intelligence to win the game. Not only on the cards but a player has to keep an eye on the opponent too. Because the facial expression, hand movements, and other gestures […]

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