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Copag Marked Playing Cards

Copag Marked Playing Cards

Today, Copag playing cards can be found across the five continents and in the largest and most famous casinos and world championships. So more and more people are looking for the Copag marked cards.
There are some secret on the marked copag cards. But you cannot see anything on the cards through your naked eyes. Only when you wear the contact lenses that see through playing cards or infrared aviator sunglasses can you see the invisible number and suit on the backside cards. The marked cards looks the same as the normal playing cards. The other people can hardly see the markings. Therefore you can cheat at the poker games without being caught.
Copag marked cards have a great deal of series, such as Copag EPT, Copag 1546, Copag 4PIP, Copag 139, Copag Texas Hold’em… Different series have different pattern on the back.

For the marking style, in usual, it is marked with big font in the middle. Or marked with small fonts in four corners. We also can provide customized services if you need. By the way, both copag plastic playing cards and paper cards can be printed.

Copag Marked Playing Cards

There are two size about the number and suit on the cards, Jumbo index and Regular index. Choosing different size depends on various reasons. For example, some people prefer the Jumbo index because it is more easy to see. Especially those have the poor eyesight. On the contrary, if you are playing Bridge, Canasta, or any other game which demands you hold many cards at once, you may prefer a Standard Index so you can squeeze the cards closer together.
Pay attention that if you want to playing the poker games with the Copag marked cards, one thing you should not forget is the infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses. With the help of them, you can see the invisible markings clearly and win easily.

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