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Unveiling the Top 5 Cheating Playing Card Device

Cheating Playing Card Device have evolved alongside the game itself, exploiting technology to gain an unfair advantage. While I don’t condone cheating in any form, I can outline some of the devices that have been used for poker cheating, though their legality and ethics are highly questionable. Here are five such devices: If you are […]

What Is A Marked Deck Of Cards

What Is A Marked Deck Of Cards?

When someone tells you that your playing cards can be marked, it means that your playing cards will be treated in some traditional way or with invisible ink. Although different poker players use marked decks for different purposes, their requirements for marked deck of cards have led to the development of card marking technology. In […]

Tip To Win At Poker In 2020

Tip To Win At Poker In 2020

Here’s how to surprise and impress your friends! Who says new year says many changes and among these changes, we indeed propose to you to finally know the victory with the Poker if you knew many disappointments until there… even if it was not necessarily your case, a victory always good to take. How do […]

Why is the Poker Card Cheating Tools used?

Why is the Poker Card Cheating Tools used?

Cheating Device For Playing Cards We all know that success is one of the greatest things you can achieve. Betting and gambling are all about showing your class and scales, which can result in you getting a reward for it. The easiest way to win a poker game is either to showcase your skills and […]

Cheating in poker is an integral part of the game

Cheating In Poker Is An Integral Part Of The Game

Cheating in poker is as much an integral part if the game as the game itself in the gambling business itself. There are different types of cheating techniques in the game that has been devised over the years. The most common type of cheat in poker is the infrared marked cards. Marked cards of different […]

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