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What Is A Marked Deck Of Cards?

What Is A Marked Deck Of Cards

When someone tells you that your playing cards can be marked, it means that your playing cards will be treated in some traditional way or with invisible ink. Although different poker players use marked decks for different purposes, their requirements for marked deck of cards have led to the development of card marking technology.

In the past, manufacturers used to make marking cards by shading, coloring and cutting. These relatively mature playing techniques have set off a storm in the poker cheating industry. And the deck of marked cards are invisible to our human eyes. Poker players can then learn the suit and number of each card by reading the small blemishes on their backs up close. However, after thousands of magicians had used the same method for years, the secret was revealed and people became aware of the method. Even poker players now check the back of the deck they use for cards and blemishes.

As a result, poker players are more likely to buy cards marked with invisible ink than traditionally marked cards. Why? Because cards marked with invisible ink are completely flawless to our human eyes. People cannot read the markings on the back of the poker unless they are wearing marked cards contact lenses. Marked cards work great when playing poker tricks thanks to high-quality glow-in-the-dark inks and a professional card printer. As long as the player wears infrared contact lenses or see-through sunglasses, the markings on the back of the cards will light up.

In addition, playing cards of any material, any color, and any size can be made into marked playing cards for the poker perspective system. You can also send us your card for processing. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of cheating device for playing cards, our marked playing cards never disappoint our customers.

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