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Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards

Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards are an easy and cheap way to cheat in poker games. They can help you see your opponents’ cards in advance and make better decisions.

Generally speaking, there are three types of poker cheating playing cards. These are ultimate marked cards, contact lenses marked cards, and barcode marked decks.


Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards are a type of cheating playing cards that are used by cheaters and players alike. These cards have a barcode that can be scanned by a special poker scanner device to reveal information about the suit and number of each card.

In the past, many different methods were used to mark playing cards. These included making changes to the shape of the card or using unique patterns that denoted the number and suit of a certain card.

Eventually, the techniques of card marking were developed into more sophisticated methods that are less likely to be detected by a novice poker player. These include invisible ink marked decks and infrared luminous ink marked decks.

Invisible ink marking is a technique that has been used for years to send secret messages. It is still a useful method for a wide range of purposes, from communicating with an enemy to sending messages to prisoners of war.

Infrared Contact Lenses

If you are a poker player, you must have heard about Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards. It is one of the most popular cheating devices among poker players from all over the world.

It can help you to see the invisible ink marks on the backside of luminous marked cards through an infrared contact lens. These infrared contact lenses are also known as IR glasses or IR sunglasses.

However, they are not the only way to see these invisible ink marks. There are a lot of different kinds of detecting devices available on the market, but infrared contact lenses are a great option.

For this reason, we designed a proof-of-concept smart contact lens, which incorporates a glucose sensor and an onboard power transfer circuit into a single soft, transparent, stretchable substrate. This was powered by a battery that was activated through an infrared signal, and a display pixel that displays the glucose level of the wearer’s tears in real time was integrated into a transparent LC insert layer.

Infrared Scanner

An Infrared Scanner is a special type of optical system that collects infrared energy from an object using scanning optics. It has been in use for over a century, but the technology has recently expanded to a wide variety of consumer applications.

Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards are a unique and elusive poker cheating system that allows players to know what their best and second-best hands will be before a single card is dealt. The marks form a kind of randomized QR code on the long edge of each card, and only a camera can see them.

The hidden camera usually inserted into a phone or other device reads the barcode, then relays the results to the player through the earpiece. The system is easy to conceal, and even the strongest poker players have difficulty detecting it.

Poker Analyzer

Invisible Ink Edge Bar Code Marked Poker Cheat Cards are marked with a unique barcode on four edges. These cards are invisible to the naked eye, and only a poker analyzer can detect them.

The scanning camera of a poker analyzer system can scan barcode marking cards within 20-40cm. However, if players are far away from the dealer, this local camera will not be able to get good results.

Therefore, to scan marked cards outside the analyzer’s local range, you need to use an external scanning camera. These cameras are commonly available, such as button cameras, power bank scanners, phone camera lens and so on.

The poker analyzer will receive the barcode information from the cards scanning camera, then it will predict the winner of the game within 0.5s. The poker analyzer can forecast the winning hand seat from the best to the worst, even number or suit of each card.

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