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Fournier Marked Cards

Fournier Cards

Fournier Playing Cards

Founded in 1868 by Heraclio Fournier in Vitoria, Spain, Fournier playing cards has an illustrious history spanning over a century. What began as a small workshop crafting traditional Spanish playing cards has evolved into an internationally recognized brand. Fournier commitment to quality, precision, and innovation has solidified its position as a leading manufacturer in the playing card industry.

Fournier cards are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. They are crafted from top grade materials, ensuring durability, flexibility, and a smooth feel. The company employs advanced printing techniques and precision cutting processes to achieve consistent and sharp designs, making them ideal for the discerning poker player.

Fournier Marked Cards

Professionals in the poker world consistently choose Fournier Cards for their tournaments and high stakes games. The reliability and consistency of these cards provide a level playing field, where skill and strategy are the true determinants of success. Many prestigious poker tournaments, both domestic and international, opt for Fournier Cards due to their reputation for excellence and fair play.

Fournier marked cards as one of most popular marked cards which can be utilized in many poker games such as Texas Holdem. Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, and so forth.

We purchase original Fournier cards from abroad, and then use different invisible inks to process them into invisible ink marked cards, barcode playing cards, and infrared marked cards.

Fournier Marked Cards For Poker Contact Lenses

The luminous markers on Fournier marked cards involve the use of invisible ink or substances that can only be detected with the help of specially designed marked poker cards contact lenses or glasses. These markings are typically placed on the back of the card, allowing cheaters to identify the value or suit of the card.

Fournier Marked Cards For Poker Analyser

Barcode markings on four edges of Fournier marked cards are discreet lines or patterns that are invisible to the naked eye but can be detected using poker analyzer device. The patterns are strategically placed on the edges or corners of the cards, providing cheaters with information about the card.
Fournier barcode playing cards need to be used with poker analyzer, poker scanner, and earphone for cheating. Please remember that no matter what model of Fournier cards we can process into barcode marked cards.

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