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The Fournier 2818 juice deck marking deck, made with original fournier plastic playing cards, gives you that extra edge in your poker game. 100% plastic.

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Fournier 2818 juice deck marked cards, an gambling cheating devices, are popular poker cards among professional poker players. Fournier 2818 juice deck marked cards are finely machined from durable fournier plastic cards with our poker printer and card marking ink (handmade infrared luminous ink).
Each deck of fournier cards consists of 100% PVC plastic regular index invisible fluorescent ink on the back. This Fournier marked card deck is highly waterproof for long-term use.

Fournier 2818 Juice Deck Marked Cards
Fournier 2818 Juice Deck Marked Cards

This set of Texas Hold’em cards is one of the best marked playing cards for poker cheating contact lenses and poker mirrored glasses. The marking ink on the back of the playing cards is invisible to our naked eyes. Only by wearing our ir contact lenses or perspective sunglasses can you see the glow in the dark ink on the back of playing cards very clearly and quickly. So you can easily win poker games.

We use genuine fournier playing cards to make the Fournier marked ir infrared deck of cards. Since the markings are invisible, infrared marked playing cards look exactly like regular Fournier 2818 playing cards.

Additionally, we can restore Fournier playing cards to factory condition. It’s like they’ve never been opened. This way you can open your marked playing cards in front of your friends just like you would open a regular deck of Fournier playing cards.

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Blue, Red

Cards Reader

Camera Analyzer, Contact Lenses


IR Ink, UV Ink



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    Very fast delivery.

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    Good service.

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Very well worth the money.

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