AKK A3 iPhone 11 Pro Poker Winner Analyzer for Poker Game Cheat

Product Information

  • Brand: AKK
  • Application: Poker Cheat & Casino Cheat
  • Matched Marked Cards: Barcode Marked Cards
  • Support Games: Texas Holdem, Omaha,  Baccarat Etc
  • Feature: 100ms To Report 100% Accurate Poker Results
  • Price: Chat Now For Price
  • Scanning Distance: 30cm-50cm
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How can you cheat poker gambling? The AKK A3 poker winner analyzer may be necessary. You can see the results of poker games with the poker cheating devices. You can make a lot of money from poker gambling. Poker scanner analyzers have an infrared camera that can scan the barcodes on the marked playing cards. You can see the results before the game begins by using the analyzer and cheat poker cards. You can determine how much profit you want by analyzing the results. The poker analyzer is similar to an iPhone 11 Pro. Also, the marked playing cards are the same as regular playing cards.
No one will know that you are cheating at poker.

AKK A3 iPhone 11 Pro Poker Gambling Analyzer
AKK A3 iPhone 11 Pro Poker Gambling Analyzer

Advantages Of AKK A3 Poker Analyzer

1. iPhone 11 Pro Appearance

This prototype barcode marked playing cards analyzer is the iPhone 11 Pro. It can be used for many years without becoming obsolete.

2. Can Quickly Replace The Battery

Don’t worry about running out of batteries. It is easy to change the AKK A3 analyzer battery in just seconds.

3. Lots Of Games And Presets

There are many presets and games available in A3 analyzer. You can play with multiple players. It can play with 7 players at 6-cards Omaha and 8 at 5-cards Omaha. It can also run 11 players at 4-cards Omaha. It can also run Texas Holdem with 22 players

4. The Calculation Speed And Accuracy Are Higher

Because the analyzer AKK A3 uses the most recent chip, it calculates faster and with greater accuracy than other poker analyzers.

5. Hd Mini Earphone

Mini earphones for the AKK A3 poker winner analyzer have HD mini earphones. They are stronger in signal reception.

Report Modes Of The AKK A3 Poker Cheat Analyzer

Report player 1 is, for example, the first winner.

1.Sound Mode

A poker analyzer will call “one”, and if you use a mini-earphone, you’ll hear “one” through the mini-earphone.

2.Time Mode

The poker analyzer will display a digital clock on its screen. If it shows 16:28.01, the “01” indicates that the “1” player will be the winner.

3.Vibration Mode

The vibrator can be connected to the poker analyzer. If it shakes once, it means that player 1 is the winner.


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