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What is Marked Playing Cards?

The history of marked playing cards is long. Card marking was simple at the outset. Players would mark a deck by marking it with their fingers or by making visible marks on the back of the cards. They could even remove or add lines to the back of the card design. This is a very dangerous way to mark a deck. It’s not worth it to make a mark deck in this way. You can purchase invisible ink marked cards that will cheat you at your next big poker tournament.

It is unlikely that anyone will notice a slight change in the pattern or color of poker cheat cards. Even a cheater wouldn’t be able to see such markings at first. These marked cards can be easily spotted if they are seen from a distance. They must also be viewed close up. It was a breakthrough in the creation and use of poker cheat cards.

There are marked card deck manufacturers that can help you make it easier. You can find the most well-known one, the Bicycle Ultimate marked deck, below. Its pattern will be slightly different depending on the card’s value. This is the Ultimate Marked Deck.

You can now win with our extensive selection of marked card decks! You can easily mark any of our marked card decks with invisible pen. Then, you can use one our extraordinary cheating devices to find the markings on your poker cheat cards.

Types Of Marked Playing Cards

They are the marked cards with the luminous invisible ink marks. Mainly have 3 types of marked playing cards:

  1. UV Marked Cards For Poker Glasses

    This type of marking playing cards also called uv marked cards, which can be read by poker glasses.

  2. Barcode Marked Cards

    Barcode marked cards are printed with bar code on the 4 edges of cards, which need work with poker cheating device. Any brand of cards can be marked with barcode and have very good effect.

  3. Infrared Marked Cards

    They are different from uv contact lenses marked cards and Barcode Marked Cards, they are marked with different invisible ink. IR marked cards can’t be seen by poker glasses, also can’t be seen by poker analyzer, which only can be seen by hidden camera scanner.

Marked playing cards for sale

Marked decks are a popular cheating device worldwide, regardless of your level of skill. You can redefine gambling by changing the environment. May the odds be always in your favor.

The Modiano Golden Trophy Marked Card has made it easy to be a winner for many players. These cards can be marked easily with infrared visible Ink. This will ensure that you have excellent visibility for your next poker game.

The poker cheat cards that we stock are made of 100% plastic. This makes them more durable, easier to shuffle, and fluid.

We have many brands of makers mark playing cards for you to choose from: Copag, Modiano, Fournier, Bicycle, Bee and so on. The most important is, The high quality marked playing cards make your feel more, at ease during the game.

Besides, if you need any special requirement or want to customize playing cards, just tell us, we can do as your requirement to customize marks.