Talking Dice For Gambling Dice Games

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  • Items: Induction dice to know pip you get
  • Material: Wood, Plastic, Acrylic
  • Color: Red, Green, Blue
  • Size: Customized
  • Application: Casino Poker Games & Magic Shows
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Talking Dice are a new trick in craps dices cheating. You may be familiar with loaded dice, mercury dice, remote control dice, sensor die and other cheating devices. We are pleased to present the Talking Dice, also known as Listening Dice to you.

The exterior design of the Talking Dice is identical to a regular dice. No matter which side you check, it’s impossible to find its secret. Are you familiar with the poker analyzer? You must have heard of the Poker Analyzer. The analyzer allows you to hear the results in secret.

Talking Dice include:

1. Dice Analyzer

2. Cheating Dice

3. Mini earpiece

Talking Dices are unique in their unique feature:

1. Voice prompt. The dices analysis software can analyze various speech patterns and report the number of multiple dices. It can also match all types of one-to-one mini Bluetooth earpieces.

2. The screen prompt. This mode allows you to notify the screen about the dices number. It supports multiple dices numbers at once.

3. Vibrating prompt. There are many vibrating options to display the results of the craps dices game. This pattern allows the software to automatically adjust to the size of dices. It is very useful for Tai-Sai and guessing odd-even results in craps.

4. The dice can be recharged just like a cell phone. This means that 1 dice can be used repeatedly.

5. One-to-1 match. This means that even other people can use the listening software, but they cannot receive any information. You don’t even need another phone to do this. All you need is your phone right now.

6. It is safe and easy to use. The system has intelligent control system, very safe and convenient to use.

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