Modiano Golden Trophy Laser Barcode Invisible Ink Marking Cards For Poker Scanning Camera

Product Information

  • Decks: 1
  • Brand: Modiano
  • Size: Poker Size
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Colors: Red and Blue
  • Material: 100% Plastic
  • Application: Texas Hold’em & Omaha
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Modiano Golden Trophy Laser Barcode Invisible Ink Marking Cards

Barcode edge marked invisible ink cards are something you may have heard about. The laser barcode marking cards differ from the luminous backside marked cards that UV contact lenses and invisible ink glasses can see.

Modiano Golden Trophy barcode invisible ink marking cards can be marked using a special cards marking printer. Modiano marking poker cards is possible after processing. This can be used in private poker rooms or for casinos. These invisible ink barcode Modiano Golden Trophy cards can be used in poker games to automatically scan secret barcode marking decks. You can quickly and accurately analyze poker results wirelessly earphone to receive the ranking of spy poker cards.

Any type of poker scanning camera can scan Modiano Golden Trophy invisible ink code marking playing cards.

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Blue, Red

Cards Reader

Camera Analyzer, Phone Analyzer




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