Barcode Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer Cheat


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  • Brand: Bicycle
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  • Marked Type: Barcode Ink
  • Material: Plastic, Paper
  • Index: Jumbo Index, Standard Index
  • Application: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack
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Bicycle Maiden Back barcode marked cards designed for poker analyzer cheat are regular playing cards with invisible barcode markings in the form of ink on the card edges. These marks can’t be detected by sunglasses or contact lenses and only a specific poker scanner analyzer device can read them.

The results are transmitted to the player via a small earpiece. This allows the cheater to know who is the winner.

Barcode Bicycle Maiden Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer Cheat

History of Bicycle Cards

The Bicycle brand of playing cards is among the most famous world wide. These cards are played by professional players and magicians across the globe. They have a good reputation for consistently accurate printing and coloring and also for their handling. They are popular with magicians since they can be used for many different tricks.

Invisible ink markings are made on the reverse of cards in a variety of ways. The most effective way is to use large ink marks for marking the numbers and suits in the middle of the card. Only a particular pair of sunglasses or contact lenses are able to be used to discern the marks which are printed with invisible pigment. The reverse of the card might have a either a small or large mark that can display the size, number, and suit.

The magic marks are located found on the back of each card. This makes it very easy to read the selection cards without being caught by the crowd. It’s ideal for a magician show or to cheat at gambling. Be careful, though! You should cover the marks. It is best to employ this method with magicians who have expertise who are able to perform it properly.

These cards are attractive to both magicians and players of poker, since they sport the same look and feel like a normal deck of Bicycle Maiden Back Cards. They are easy to carry and are utilized in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the invisibility markings are undetectable to spectators.

Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards for Poker

Bicycle Maiden Back marked cards are normal playing cards with invisible ink barcodes machined around their edges. Barcode marked cards are employed for poker scanning analyzer systems which scan the data on the card, and then send it to an earpiece that is small. It informs players if they’ve been successful or what type of hand they’ve got.

Only marked cards analyzer for poker as well as external barcode cameras are able to identify these cards. These marks are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be detected with uv contact lenses or sunglasses. The poker analyzer can scan the markings and forecast the outcome of the game before it begins.

How to utilize Bicycle Marked Card with Poker Analyzer

Special poker analyser can detect bicycle marked cards for poker with barcodes that are printed on their edges. The cards are not visible through the naked eye or IR lenses. They have to be scanned using the poker analyzer scanning camera. After that, the poker analyzer instantly inform you of the outcome of each one through an earpiece.

This cheating marked cards for poker can assist you to improve your strategy by knowing the cards of your opponent. You can use this to determine if you should fold, raise or raise.

The markings on the sides of the cards make it easy to identify each card regardless of the face. These cards with marks are pliable and long lasting, so they’re perfect for any type of card game. You can use them to wow your guests in performances. Professional magicians would love to utilize these cards during their performance.

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