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Copag Marked Cards

Copag Cards

Copag Cards

Copag, founded in Brazil in 1908, has a rich history in producing high quality playing cards. Over the years, Copag has built a strong reputation among professional poker players and enthusiasts alike. The company has become a trusted brand in the gaming industry, known for manufacturing superior playing cards that offer longevity and precision.

Copag Marked Cards

Copag cards are crafted from high quality PVC plastic. This material is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Unlike traditional paper based cards that can easily bend, crease, or fray, Copag cards maintain their shape and integrity even after extended use. This durability ensures a longer lifespan, making Copag cards a cost effective choice for avid poker players.
The international poker community recognizes Copag as a trusted and preferred choice, cementing its position as a brand that sets the standard for playing cards in the world of poker. Among the many brands of playing cards available, Copag is a name synonymous with quality and durability in the realm of poker.

We have bought original Copag Cards from overseas and then processed them to marked cards. So, when you order the Copag marked card from us don’t worry that the cards will be different.

Copag Marked Cards For Infrared Contact Lenses

The Copag marked cards feature discreet, luminous markings that give you valuable insights into your opponents’ hands. Pair your Copag marked deck with our marked cards contact lenses, you’ll be able to identify suits and ranks swiftly and accurately, allowing you to make strategic decisions with confidence and precision, and your opponent still has no idea.

Copag Marked Cards For Gam Poker Analyzer

We use new ink marking technology to print special barcodes on the four edges of original Copag cards. We usually call these cards barcode marked cards.
Copag barcode playing cards need to be used with poker analyzer, poker scanning camera, and cheating earpiece. Please remember that no matter what model of Copag cards we can process into barcode marked cards.

Copag Marked Cards For IR Camera

Copag marked cards for infrared cameras are similar to contact lens marking cards in that invisible marks are printed on the back of the card, but they are marked using different invisible ink, so they also require different invisible ink readers to read.
Copag marked cards are printed with IR invisible ink. Generally, mark cards cannot be seen by contact lenses and can only be seen by infrared cameras, so they are very safe to use in casinos, home games, and poker clubs.

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