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What Do Marked Cards Mean?

What Do Marked Cards Mean

What do marked cards mean? In the past time, marked cards mean alter the playing cards in some way to indicate the cards suit and value. They were made by cutting, bending or drilling a small hole. To some extent, these kinds of marking are visible. This is the first attempts to mark playing cards in historically. Then cheater began to use different kind of inks, pigments and scratches, to add or remove lines or patterns from the back of the card design.

These kind of marking are flaw and rude. The biggest shortage of it is that the marking is visible but at the same time, you can’t see it clearly on the opposite of the poker table.

In recent years, marked cards mean printing invisible ink marks on playing cards. People found out the invisible ink to mark cards base upon chemical and optical scientific principles different from the original luminous systems. This new type invisible ink can be marked on both paper cards and 100% plastic cards, and nobody can discover the hidden marks if he do not have a special tool, like the invisible ink contact lenses, luminous sunglasses and IR camera, etc. 

And the cheating marked cards system is already perfect now that they have the machine to repackage the poker cards, just look like the original cards. And this will decrease the risk of suspicious, because you can open the cards deck in front of other players.

Nowadays, there are two kind of popular marked cards in the market. One is invisible ink backside marked cards, and the other one is edge side barcode marked cards. The first kind marked deck is worked with contact lenses, you can see the suits and value of each cards. And the second kind is worked with poker analyzer that you will know the best hand or the best second hand of the poker game before dealing cards.

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