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What About the Barcode Marked Deck?

What About The Barcode Marked Deck

What About the Barcode Marked Deck?

When you heard the name of barcode marked cards at first time, you must want to know what the difference and special between the common marked playing cards?

Generally speaking, barcode marked decks are processed with barcode by the sides. This distinctive marks are unreadable by infrared contact lenses or gambling sunglasses.

What is barcode marked deck?

A barcode marked deck is a poker card that is processed with barcode by the sides. It is different from the ordinary luminous contact lens marked cards that tell you the numbers and suits of the poker cards.

The barcode of the barcode marked deck is a series of differently thick stripes and gaps, arranged according to a certain order. These symbols can represent a variety of characters, which makes them easy to recognize with the aid of a scanning camera.

There are many types of barcodes on the market, and you’ll need to decide which one is right for your purposes. Some will be easier to read, while others won’t stand up well to close scrutiny.

There are two main types of marked decks: reader systems and coded systems. The former are based on the suit and value of the cards being hidden somewhere in the back design, while the latter rely on other clues to indicate what each card is.

What is undetectable barcode deck?

The undetectable barcode deck is a kind of marked cards that are processed with special luminous invisible ink on its four sides. These marked cards can’t be recognized by the naked eyes, and they are very suitable to use with a poker analyzer camera.

The most interesting thing about these barcode marked cards is that they can be preserved for 1 or 2 years without any damage. And they can still look as good as new even after they are immersed in the water or rubbed on the table.

These barcodes are commonly used in the healthcare industry to track patient information, in-motion checkweighers to identify items being weighed, and in a variety of other applications. The most common barcode types include GS1, UPC, EAN, QR, and ISBN.

What is the difference between the common barcode marked deck and the undetectable barcode deck?

There are two types of barcode marked decks: the common type and the undetectable. They are different in appearance from normal playing cards but they still need to be read by a poker analyzer scanning system.

In a laser barcode scanner, the light reflected from each barcode element creates a wave pattern that is then processed and interpreted as characters. This requires a high degree of contrast between the light and dark elements of a symbol, typically 80% or higher to ensure good reading.

However, even with high-quality barcodes, no-reads are not uncommon and can occur from a number of factors including printing and marking inconsistencies.

In addition, harsh conditions may cause damage to the barcode or substrate material that can make it difficult to distinguish the barcode from the background. This may result in blotches, scratches, or stains that make the barcode unreadable.

What is the advantage of the barcode marked deck?

There is no question that barcode marked cards are a big step up from their uncoated counterparts. They are the most durable and the most secure cards on the market, allowing you to perform even the trickiest of sleight of hand with complete confidence.

The best part is that they aren’t as expensive as you might think, especially when compared to other options like plastic and paper. You can even buy a whole deck of poker size cards for a fraction of the cost of a similar quantity of plastic ones.

Having one of these cards in your collection is the next best thing to owning a real deck of playing cards. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and styles, but they also have the most important component for any magician — sleight of hand! And the best part is that they are a breeze to use, requiring no more than a few minutes to shuffle and deal.

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