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Use of Marked Playing Card

One of the most common poker cheating tools is marked cards. They can be divided into two types: the barcode marked cards or the ultimate marked cards. Poker scanners and infrared contact lenses can detect the invisible ink used to mark cards. The invisible ink used to mark cards is of such superior quality that it is invisible to naked eyes. You can see the ink marks on the marked playing card and the value of each card by simply looking at the back.

Marked cards are very popular with poker players and other card gamers around the globe. You should make sure you get one that is perfect enough to not be detected. Invisible ink can transform any brand of ordinary playing cards into marked cards. It is impossible to tell the difference between ordinary and luminous ink because it does such a precise job that even a trial would fail.

Use of Marked Playing Card

Different Types of Card Marking

Card marking refers to the act of altering playing cards in a way that is obvious to the marker or conspirator. This is used to play card tricks or chat about gambling. The obverse side of playing cards is where the distinguishing marks are made. Below are some examples of markings:

  • Luminous marking This type of mark is visible and can easily be read with special contact lenses or stratagem sunglasses. This new technology uses chemical marks to mark cards using sophisticated techniques.
  • Video-Luminous marking These card marks cannot be seen by naked eyes or a luminous filter. These marks can only be seen by using specially-designed filters, which are displayed in another room and are read by a partner. They are often used in magic shows.
  • Juice Marking Those who are well-trained to see the juice-markings will be able to see them. These marks can be read without the use of filtered glasses. It takes only a little practice to see them. However, you can spot these marks with normal glasses.

Watching the back of each card carefully while you riffle the deck is a good way to identify the marked playing card. It creates an animation effect similar to a flip-book, which allows you see the differences in the cards as they move. Professional eyes are required to see this effect.

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