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Top Sale 6 Marked Playing Cards In 2023

Top Sale 6 Marked Playing Cards In 2023

What is a Marked Card? How does it work?

A mark card is a playing cards with markings. Marked playing cards can be divided into three main types for different markings: contact lens cards, magic trick decks and barcode scanner cards. They can all help you determine the suit and value of your cards ahead of time. Each one requires a different reading system.

  • The back design of magic trick cards conceals the markings, which can be seen naked eye. These code markings are extremely secretive and back design changes can be very subtle. If you don’t know how to find the markings, it’s impossible to locate them immediately.
  • Also, contact lens marked decks can hide marks on the backs of cards. These marks are not visible to naked eyes. Special contact lenses/sunglasses are required. These lenses are not available in normal sunglasses or contact lenses.
  • Barcode scanner marked cards have invisible code markings on four sides, unlike the two above. To analyze the markings, this one requires a decoding system. A poker analyzer smartphone can be used to get the winning result.

What Marked Cards are Mentioned here?

This article not only covers the top marked playing cards for magic, but also the best marked cards for poker. Each has its own benefits. You can choose the best cards for you based on your needs. For new players, it is easier to understand the different types of marked cards and pick their novice gear.

There are now more high-quality marked cards thanks to the advancement of card marking technology. Based on my sales experience and the feedback of our card marking technicians, I have selected the top six to introduce. The order of the ranking is not important. All of them remain available for purchase in 2023. If you’re interested, click the links to purchase them.

Best Magic Marked Cards

Because these markings can be seen by naked eyes, magic trick marked cards are more traditional than other markings. If you don’t know what this type of marked deck is, it may be difficult to spot the markings. These cards are great for magic shows, as the audience cannot see the cards. Here are the top marked cards for magic: Cohort Cards and Phoenix Cards.

Phoenix Marked Deck

The manufacturer of Bicycle cards, US Playing Cards Company manufactures Phoenix playing cards. They are made from the same material as Bicycle card but with an air-cushion coating. The quality of the cards is assured. Phoenix Marked Deck was designed by Card-Shark, and is made specifically for magicians. This card is punched through the backs to allow magicians to make Perfect Faro Shuffles. The back patterns have markings that magicians can easily read without any aid.

Phoenix Marked Deck

To find hidden markings, they just need to look at the corners of the back design. The markings aren’t small so magicians don’t have to look at the cards long. Phoenix-marked cards will not be suspect to anyone else.

But, I wouldn’t recommend that you allow the audience to take a closer look at the backs of the cards. These markings are quite obvious.

Cohort Marked Playing Card

Blue and red cards are available in Cohorts of Ellusionist. These cards are designed for magicians and poker fans who love vintage casino style.

Cartamundi produces a Cohort-marked deck. Its design is similar to Cartamundi’s Copag decks rather than Bicycle cards.

Cohort Marked Playing Cards

The Cohort Blue deck is printed on slimline luxury pressed E7 stock. It’s thinner than the red and is likely to be the thinnest card you have ever used. It is great if the card is slightly thinner for some card tricks. The blue one is now the winner!

Some magicians feel that the thinner cards are easier to bend and more durable. You can opt for the red cards in this instance. The marking system for Cohort cards is cleverly integrated into the back design. The card values are not easily recognizable by others without training. To learn more, click the image below.

Best Contact Lens Marked Cards

Cards marked with contact lens markings are on the backs of cards. To read these cards, magicians and players must wear infrared contacts or glasses. These cards will look just like normal cards. They can see the suit and value of the cards with lenses even if they are face down. Customers return to our Marked Bicycle Cards or Copag 1546 Marked Card because they are always popular.

Marked Bicycle Deck

Because the brand is deeply embedded in America, bicycling deck is the preferred choice of most magicians. This deck has been produced by USPCC since over 100 years and is well-known and widely used in America. These cards are well-known to the general public. People can also easily identify the differences if the markings on the back are not visible.

Invisible ink marked Bicycle cards

Invisible ink Marked Bicycle cards cannot be seen by naked eyes. The back design will not be altered. Invisible markings are concealed in the back. These cards are exactly the same size as regular cards. No one can see the markings without special tools like infrared contact lense and invisibleink glasses. Magicians can allow the audience to observe the cards by using invisible ink marked Bicycle decks.

Plastic coated paper is used to make bicycle cards. Although it isn’t as durable as 100% plastic cards but it is much cheaper. People who frequently need to change cards often will find Bicycle very useful.

Copag 1546 Marked Cards

Copag 1546 deck is recommended. It was made from the original Cartamundi deck. It’s made of 100% plastic so it can outlast paper cards for up to 50 years. It is also thinner than other poker cards and easy to shuffle. Copag 1546 cards offer a wide range of sizes and colors, which is a big advantage over other brands. These cards are versatile enough to meet the needs of many people. You should also know that these cards are available in sets. We can’t just choose our favorite colors.

Copag 1546 Plastic Marked Playing Cards

For contact lens marked cards, there are three main marking formats: large fonts in center, small markings at the corners and minimal marking within the white border. The Copag 1546 set allows you to try two types of markings simultaneously. This will help you to determine which marking is best.

Copag 1546 comes in a sturdy, hard plastic storage container that will protect your cards and minimize air-to-paper contact. This allows invisible ink marks to last longer.

Best Barcode Scanner Marked deck

A poker analyzer system must be used to read barcodes on cards marked with the barcode scanner. This system is the only way to know the secrets of cards. All you have to do is let the system scan your invisible barcode. You will then be able to find what you need. You can also use a scanner camera to install everyday objects such as clothes and power banks for the poker analyzer. Our card marking technicians are proud to present Invisible Modiano Cristallo barcode cards and Bicycle Prestige Marked cards.

Modiano Cristallo Marked Poker Cards

Modiano Cristallo cards are popular in Europe. They are made in Italy. They are made of 100% plastic and have excellent texture retention. They are also thicker than most cards so they won’t bend easily. Modiano Cristallo deck has a poker-size card and the 4-pip Jumbo Index.

Why do I believe Modiano Cristallo barcode marked deck to be one of the best 6 marked cards? These cards have striped patterns on four sides which help to cover the barcode markings. Modiano Cristallo barcode-marked decks can be kept for longer than other barcode cards. These striped patterns will not affect barcode performance.

Modiano Cristallo barcode marked deck

This card is great if you are looking for cost-effective cards. Modiano Cristallo cards come in a variety of colors. Modiano cards are not sold in a single set, unlike Copag 1546. You can choose the color you wish to purchase.

Bicycle Prestige Marked Cards

Bicycle Prestige cards differ from other Bicycle cards. They are made by Naipes Heraclio Fournier (“Fournier”), a Spanish company that joined the USPCC family in 1986. Fournier uses the most recent CtP offset Heidelberg technology for pre-printing. Bicycle Prestige is unmatched in durability and has a paper-like feel. These cards can be used for both a local game and professional tournament.

Bicycle Prestige Barcode Mearked Playing Cards

The Bicycle Prestige marked cards will not be altered even after they have been marked. Because of the materials used to make Bicycle Prestige cards their barcode markings will last longer than other cards. Fournier Bicycle Prestige marked decks are the best option for those who like Bicycle rider’s back design, but prefer plastic cards.


For a long time, the debate about which marked playing card is the best has continued. There is no definitive answer, as everyone has their own favorite marked cards. To share my opinions about the top-rated marked cards, I’ll just list a few. These cards are great for beginners. Each type of marked card has its own benefits. It is important to test the cards yourself before you can choose your favorite.

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