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How To Make A Marked Deck?

Online, you can find articles and instructions on how to make a marked deck. Some articles and instructions online explain how to mark playing cards using a needle or knife to create tiny marks that can be seen by the naked eye. These marks are usually not noticed by most people. Although some players may be able to see the marks, they do not know what they mean. Only those who have the marking rule will know what each sign means. This type of marking can be used when the cards are read at close range. The marks are not visible from a distance.

I suggest that you use marked cards contact lenses, if you are interested in using best marked deck of cards to play poker. I’m going to show you how to make best tricks with a marked deck, because many guys are interested.

Some players buy different card marking materials to mark the bicycle 1800 marked deck themselves (such as luminous pen, invisible ink pen). It’s not an easy task. They will discover that the ink they use is not transparent and can easily fade after shuffle. Here is the only way to mark cards that I think will be useful.

How To Make A Marked Deck

How to Make a Deck of Marked Cards?

First, we need to have a high quality, clean deck of playing cards. It refers to an original deck of playing cards, such as a deck of Copag Texas Holdem cards.

Secondly, we need a high tech playing card marking machine that can make perfect marks on playing cards. Someone bought ink and invisible ink pens to mark their bicycle maiden back marked deck and found that the marks were visible to the naked eye. However, the same ink may work well on a marking machine.

Third, special invisible ink is very important for making glow in the dark signs. The ink here may not refer to one kind of ink. It may be a mixture of several or even hundreds of inks or powders. In order to print a good bicycle marked deck, our technicians will test the ink on a certain card several times. We will not mark the entire card until we find the perfect ink for that card. When the color or brand of the card changes, we replace the ink to produce bicycle series 1800 marked deck.

There seem to be a lot of people online looking for glow ink or ink pens to mark playing cards. In fact, their ultimate goal is to be the last winner in the marked poker game, and trying marked bicycle ultimate marked deck is a great experience. However, the best way to enjoy a game of poker is to purchase a quality marker with infrared contact lenses or poker glasses!

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