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How To Create A Marked Deck?

How to create a marked deck? The card marking ink and printer are the necessary tools in marking a deck of cards, but the most important part is the professional technique.

invisible ink for playing cards

Invisible ink for playing cards, also known as card marking ink, is a substance used for writing or printing, which is invisible either on application or soon thereafter, and can later be made visible by some means.There are several types of card marking ink: luminous invisible ink, infrared ink, UV ink and so on.

How To Create A Marked Deck

Do you know why people can’t see these card marking ink on the back of cards?

Because these card marking ink is out of the human visible range, but if you wear our invisible ink contact lenses or marked cards glasses, you can see the invisible marks of penguin magic marked deck.

Marked Deck for Sale

Besides, the different card marking ink can mark different marked deck of cards.
The marked cards with infrared ink are infrared marked cards, which only can be seen by infrared camera.
When we make a marked deck of cards with UV ink, it called ” UV marked cards”, the UV marked cards can be viewed by invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards glasses. Many magicians and poker players like the UV marked cards with invisible ink contact lenses for cards tricks and poker cheat.

Barcode Marked Cards

There is another type of invisible ink ted lesley marked deck, which mark with different invisible ink, which called ” barcode side marked decks”. Barcode marked cards work with poker analyzer, poker scanner and mini earpieces.

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