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How Marked Playing Cards Work?

How Marked Playing Cards Work

Marked playing cards are a type of playing cards that have markings on the back which allow players to identify certain cards. These markings are typically invisible to the naked eye, but can be read using special techniques or devices. Marked playing cards are commonly used by magicians and professional card players, but they can also be used for cheating in card games. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of marked playing cards, how they work.

Types of Marked Playing Cards

There are two main types of marked playing cards: luminous and barcode. Luminous marked cards are marked with invisible ink that can only be seen using infrared contact lenses or invisible ink glasses. These markings can be designed to indicate the suit and value of each card, or they can be used to create unique markings that are only visible to the user. Barcode marked cards, on the other hand, have a small barcode printed on the edge of the card that can be read using a special scanner. The barcode contains information about the card’s suit and value, allowing the user to quickly and easily identify the card.

How Marked Playing Cards Work?

Marked playing cards work by providing the user with information about the cards in play that is not available to other players. This information can be used to gain an advantage in a card game, either by allowing the user to know which cards are in play or by helping them to predict which cards are likely to be played next. Luminous marked cards work by reflecting light in a way that is only visible to someone wearing the infrared contact lenses or invisible ink glasses. Barcode marked cards work by encoding information about each card in a small barcode that can be read using a scanner.


Marked playing cards can be a useful tool for magicians and professional card players. The use of marked playing cards in magic tricks and entertainment is generally acceptable, If you are considering using marked playing cards, please contact us and get them.

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