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What is Invisible Ink Marked Deck?

They are the deck of playing cards with the luminous invisible ink marks. Mainly have 3 types of invisible ink marked deck of cards:

  1. UV Marked Cards For Poker Glasses

    This type of marking playing cards also called uv marked cards, which can be read by poker glasses

  2. Barcode Marked Cards

    Barcode marked cards are printed with bar code on the 4 edges of cards, which need work with poker cheating device. Any brand of cards can be marked with barcode and have very good effect.

  3. Infrared Marked Cards

    They are different from uv contact lenses marked cards and Barcode Marked Cards, they are marked with different invisible ink. IR marked cards can’t be seen by poker glasses, also can’t be seen by poker analyzer, which only can be seen by hidden camera scanner.

We have many brands of makers mark playing cards for you to choose from: Copag, Modiano, Fournier, Bicycle, Bee and so on. The most important is, The high quality marked playing cards make your feel more, at ease during the game, you have 100% guarantee to buy them at

Besides, if you need any special requirement or want to customize playing cards, just tell us, we can do as your requirement to customize marks.