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An In Depth Review Of Poker Cheating Device

An In Depth Review Of Poker Cheating Device

The cheating device can read marked cards remotely and instantly, but it cannot be used in a poker game alone as the cheating will be too obvious.

Cheaters cannot not only have their “phone” read out loud to predict who will win, but they are unlikely to be allowed to use their phone to read the cards markings. The manufacturer of cheating devices offers small wireless cameras that can be used in place of an integrated camera.

After discussing the various accessory types, we will then analyze each one to show how they work.

Types of accessories

Three types of accessories are included with the poker cheating device:

  1. Poker Analyzer Remote control – Used to change settings discreetly during a game.
  2. Poker camera – These cameras are small and difficult to spot. They come in many forms, including a fake key for your car or a watch. Because the device doesn’t need to be on the table, they are easier to spot cheating.
  3. Communication devices – A set of items that include an audio earpiece and allow the device to secretly tell the cheater which cards were dealt, and who has the highest hand.

Poker Analyzer Remote control

Remote control

The device settings must be set to the correct number of hands each time a player joins the table. It would be suspicious to adjust the game parameters via the “phone” repeatedly. It ships with a remote control (shown in the photo) that allows cheaters to discreetly alter the number of players and request that the prediction be repeated.

Poker Camera

Akk A5 Analyzer

Although the poker cheating device may look like a regular Android phone to the casual observer, it is not practical to have it on the table as it would be prohibited in most games. The poker device’s creators have designed a variety of poker cameras that can be hidden in seemingly innocuous objects to solve this problem. Poker camera can be hidden in belts, watches, shirt, ashtrays, car keys, and other small objects.

Car key playing cards camera

We found a remote camera hidden inside a car key to understand the operation of these remote cameras. The picture is shown above. Because it was the easiest to disassemble for analysis, I chose the car key fob.

You can simply use the buttons on the door to turn the camera off or on. This is a quick demo of the camera in action, to show how realistic and small it is.

As shown in the photo below the car key playing cards camera opens to reveal that the upper portion stores the battery while the lower part houses the hidden camera.

Car key playing cards camera

The key fob’s shell is made from plastic, which allows infrared light through but still appears solid. Below you can see that the device appears solid under normal lighting. However, if the light is darkened the infrared LEDs are visible.

The key fob can be disassembled to reveal the camera, the transmission module, and the LEDs on one side of circuit board and the other on the other.

Car key playing cards camera (2)

The key can get very hot while being used. Given the fact that the LEDs are on non-stop and the power required to blast the video stream, this is not surprising. There are many areas for improvement, such as having the LEDs blink to save energy. The key fob is not durable (30 minutes max), so it ships with two batteries.

Communication devices

Two types of communication accessories are included with the device. They can be used to secretly communicate with the cheater and determine which player holds the upper hand. The first accessory is an audio one, and the second is haptic. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Wireless Mini Earphone

poker analyzer min earphone a1 01
Poker Analyzer wireless Mini Earphone

As you can see in the photo, the wireless mini earphone is tiny and tiny. It’s powered by the smallest radio button that I have ever seen. This accessory is unique because it communicates with your device.

It is too small and weak to communicate via Bluetooth. The device creator chose to use a bridge that connects via Bluetooth and RF to the device.

This brute force approach has grave security implications: While it would have been difficult to detect and tamper over Bluetooth, it is trivial with the RF part, which provides no security whatsoever.

Poker Hand Analyzer Vibrator

poker hand analyzer vibrator

The device ships with the poker hand analyzer vibrator shown in the above photo. This device allows cheaters to communicate very discreetly. It vibrates one of the mini-vibrators according to the strength of each player’s hands. If player 2 has the strongest hand, then player 4 will have the weakest. In this case, the vibrator labeled 2 would vibrate first and then the vibrator labeled 4 second.

Security-wise, this device communicates via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is difficult to detect and needs to be detected. Tampering with communications is more difficult and only in certain settings is possible.

We have now finished our tour of accessories that work with the poker cheating gadget. Although they are extremely sophisticated, the communication protocols used with the poker cheating device are not. They are a collection of technologies that were assembled quickly without much thought to security and efficiency.

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